Post-doctoral Researchers in sensors,measurement and instruemntaion of Li Ping & Wen Yumei's team in Deparment of Instrument Science and Technology
2016-09-29 15:00  

Job Descriptions  

Immediate openings (2-4) for post-doctoral fellows in exciting interdisciplinary projects on the development of innovative wireless (passive or self-powering) sensors and intrusive detection instrumentation systems. The projects involve the use of piezoelectricity, magnetoelectricity, electromagnetic wave theory, energy harvesting mechanisms, MEMS, nanotechnology and electronic circuits (including integrated circuits ) to design, fabricate and characterize wirelessly interrogatable passive sensors or self-powering sensors for detection and measurement.  

Research topic areas include  

Piezoelectric, magnetoelectric transducers  

Energy harvesting and power supply management ASIC design  

wireless passive sensors and self-powering sensors  

Magnetic and electric fields measurement  

Measurement and Instrumentation
Required skills  

PhD degree in Applied Physics, Electric and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or closely related fields performed research in sensors and instrumentation    

Experience with piezoelectric, magnetoelectric sensors, electromagnetic wave theory, wireless passive SAW sensors, RFID or analogue ASIC design    

Excellent presentation and writing skills in English    

Knowledge of Matlab, Comsol or IC design tools    

Desirable skills  

Knowledge of power grid  

Experience with nano/micro-fabrication  



Standard Shanghai Jiaotong University post-doctoral salary rates apply plus project subsidies. The successful applicants are qualified to personally apply for research awards from National Natural Science Foundation of China and other national, local or university research resources.  


How to apply  

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact  

Prof. Li  

Prof. Wen