IT Engineer
2011-09-01 15:54  


IT Engineer


Job Description

1. Maintenance of the computer network: 1) Responsible for the security and maintenance of network system; ensures normal connection to the Internet and free-flowing of the network; secures backup of network, database and DNS configuration; 2) Analyzes office needs and makes recommendations for improvements and enhancements of system function; 3) Liaises with outside suppliers as well as the promotion office in the Institute to complete network construction and web page template updating; implements website revision and upgrading.

2. System maintenance and management: 1) Responsible for domain server maintenance as well as the addition, authority setup and daily management of domain users; reset ghost files according to different client models; 2) Responsible for Sakai system maintenance, which consists of the management of Sakai account, course addition, database backup, security settings of server and network to ensure free-flowing and good operation of Sakai system; 3) Management and maintenance of other servers, including file server, application server, super-computing server, FTP and mail server, etc.

3. Management and maintenance of the network, students’ computer room as well as IT facilities in the teaching lab and employees’ offices 1) Responsible for the management and maintenance of network and IT facilities; 2) Setup email account and network node; 3) Responsible for the design and maintenance of the telephone communication system. 4. Establishes network system policy and equipment purchasing policy of the Institute; 5. Provides IT consulting and training services.



1. Bachelor’s degree or above in the field of computer science;

2. Professional, well-organized and detail-oriented personality;

3. Good at network and system management, familiar with Web technology, database and commonly used software systems;

4. Good command of written and verbal English and Chinese;

5. Able to work to deadlines.


Materials Required

1. A CV and an essay about yourself to support your application (in both Chinese and in English); please mention in your CV where you read the job ads;

2. Diploma of bachelor or above (photocopy)

3. Certificate of your English level (photocopy)

4. Certificate of your computer skill (photocopy)


Contact Information

Wendy Dai
Address:Room 323, UM-SJTU Joint Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, #800 Dong Chuan Road, Shanghai

If you are interested in the position, please send email to (Please note where you see the advertisement and mark the position you apply for in the title)