Multiple Postdoc Positions of Institute of Sensing and Navigation, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
2018-09-07 14:48  

Institute of Sensing and Navigation in School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University is open for postdoctoral researcher recruitment. The institute focuses on solving problems regarding intelligent processing theories and core technologies in the area of high-precision detection, recognition, navigation, and job control in realistic scenarios. Applicants should have a PhD degree in related fields from well-known universities/institutes, or is expected to complete his/her doctoral defense successfully in the near future.  


Position 1:Remote Sensing Information Processing (2 vacancies)  

SAR image target detection and identification, SAR image classification, multi-source remote sensing image fusion, deep learning and microwave imaging.  

Position 2:Unmanned System with Intelligent Sensing and Navigation Technology (5 vacancies)  

Non-structural scene sensing and object identification for low-speed unmanned system, high-efficient SLAM, signal/image understanding and multisensor-based positioning and navigation.  

Position 3: Inertial-based Navigation Systems (2 vacancies)  

Theoretical research, information fusion methods, algorithms and prototype system design at cross-disciplines of inertial-visual navigation. Applications include large-scale autonomous navigation, 3D reconstruction and wearable motion tracking.  


Basic salary will be RMB 200-300K (~USD 30-45K) /year before tax, depending on qualification. Those with outstanding achievements might have additional rewards. Positions are supposed to be no less than 2 years and could be extended up to 6 years. It is possible to apply a tenure-track position for university assessment after the post-doc period. Your CV, 3-5 representative publications, and three referee letters (including doctoral supervisor) are expected. Applications should be sent to Mrs. Ling Gong, The post would be long effective until positions filled.