Optical engineering
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Brief Introduction:

Optical engineering doctoral research station at Shanghai Jiaotong University was established in 2009. After 2003 , the year the station acquired the first-grade discipline, the station achieved a lot of international advanced research production in the field of solar energy engineering, laser engineering, waveguide optics, Optical measurement method by optical waveguide, Optoelectronic technology and implement, optical imaging, infrared imaging technology, etc. And the station has announced a large number of high level academic dissertation, taken charged of several State Key Programs of National Natural Science of China and Major Programs of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and many other programs include state 863 Programs, 973 programs, the Major Research plans, local key programs and many “enterprise” research projects. The station has a powerful and high academic-level research team included an academician of China National Engineering Research Institute, 3 “the one-thousand-talents project” winners, 3 winners of “Special Adjunct Professors of Yangtze Program”, 2 “national science fund for distinguished young scholars” winners and 2 winners of “Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University”. These years, the optical engineering doctoral research station has trained hundreds of doctors in many fields and industries around the country.  And 2 years after the station was established, there are ten excellent science and technology researchers who has come into the station to further their studies. And due to the station has enough research funds for key research projects, and every excellent scholars is welcomed to further your study in our station.


Brief Introduction of Director of post-doctor station of optical engineering:

 Prof. Liejia Qian is a professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and the member of one state key program’s expert team. Form 1995, Prof. Qian is a member of project 863’ expert team. In 1984, Prof. Qian graduated at the department of physics of Xiamen University. In 1989, Prof. Qian achieved his doctor degree in Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics and had worked at Cornell University and National Research Council of Italy for over 5 years. Prof. Qian’s major is the research of the ultrafast nonlinear optics and development of high power laser engineering. Until now, Prof. Qian has taken charge of 30 state research projects and managed several key engineering programs. Prof. Qian has delivered more than 120 SCIE dissertations and achieved one the U.S patent and 20 China Invention Patents. Prof. Qian has solved and developed the international-advanced technology to solve the so called “green problem”. Prof. Qian’s 5 research works have been reported by Laser Focus World, 3 of which have been applied and played an important role in China’s high-power laser system program. Until now, Prof. Qian has achieved 3 awards included the 1st-class prize of The State Technological Invention Award, the 1st-class and 2nd-class prize of the army technological invention award.


Current research fields, tutors of post-doctor station of optical engineering



Present research interests

Contact data

Shen Wenzhong


Novel Solar Cells and Photovoltaic Technologies, Semiconductor Infrared Devices and Physics, Semiconductor Micro/Nano-structures and Optoelectronic Properties







Fiber optics and fiber lasers, nonlinear effects and fast/slow light



Qian Liejia


PHD mentor

Ultrafast Nonlinear OpticsHigh Intensity Laser Engineering



Xie Guoqiang

PHD mentor

Ultrafast laser; Novel laser material;

Nonlinear optics;



Xiaoxu Deng


Waveguide optoelectronic device; Nonlinear photonic device






PHD mentor

Fabrication and physical properties of functional nanostructures; Novel nanostructured solar cells



Xu Jianqiu


Solid-state lasers, High-average power DPL



Gao Jing


PHD mentor

IR model of target and background



Liu Huichun


PHD mentor

Semiconductor infrared/Terahertz physics and devices, Semiconductor quantum structures and quantum process, Quantum well infrared photodetectors, Quantum cascade lasers



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