Materials Science and Engineering
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Brief Introduction:

Among the first established postdoctoral centers of primary disciplines, with two national key subjects “Materials” and “Materials Engineering”, the postdoctoral center of Materials Science and Engineering in SJTU boasts its right to grant a disciplinary doctoral degree. Ranking among the best in domestic similar disciplines, the center is one of the first to be included in the “211 Project”, “985 Project” and the Yangtze River plans Professor Program.

The postdoctoral center has set up a number of high-level academic services and research and teaching bases, including State Key Lab of Metal Matrix Composites, National Engineering Research Center of Die & Mold CAD, National Engineering Research Center of Light Alloy Net Forming, Shanghai Key Lab of Laser Manufacturing and Materials Modification, Shanghai Engineering & Technology Research Center of Magnesium Material and Its Application, International Cooperation Science &Technology Base of Ministry of Science, etc. The research interests include materials design, computational materials, solid state phase change, solidification process, nano-materials, materials surface and interface, materials characterization, materials properties, materials forming, material composition, surface treatment, laser manufacturing, materials manufacturing equipment, computational materials engineering, material preparation technology, intelligent materials manufacturing, biological materials, electronic materials, aerospace materials, power equipment materials, nuclear materials, new battery materials, intelligent materials, integration of structural and functional materials.

The center of the Materials discipline boasts its very good teachers and tutors, including 3 academicians of CAS, 2 academicians of CAE, 4 “Changjiang Scholar” distinguished professors, 4 winners of National Outstanding Youth Fund, more than 70 professors and researchers in office, 5 part-time professors and over 100 associate professors and associate researchers. During the past 5 years, the research funding has reached a total of 380.77 million yuan, with a fruitful result including 1116 SCIE papers, 1442 EI papers, 245 ISTP papers, 482 patents, 1st prize in the Inernational Cooperation once, national 2nd prize twice, provincial 1st pize 8 times, etc, apart from the Plastic Forming Technology and Equipment Research Institute. The Plastic Forming Technology and Equipment Research Institute has acquired over 400 scientific achievements and 87 various prizes including 13 national level and 48 provincial level, with achievements popularized in 21 provinces across the country involved in over 800 companies in light industry, electronics, machinery, aerospace, automotive, instrumentation, etc. Undertaking a number of national key research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Shanghai “Tenth Five-Year” Key Research Program, Science and Technology Development Fund of Shanghai and FORD Fund project and so on, the institute in recent years has published a batch of high-level academic papers and works, 140 of which were embodied in SCI and EI. Reflecting the characteristics of a strong comprehensive strength in the field of materials research, the center has become an important base for the cultivation of our country’s high-level talents.

Welcome to the postdoctoral center of Materials Science and Engineering.


Brief Introduction of Director of post-doctor station of Materials Science & Engineering:

    Professor Wu Yixiong

Professor Wu Yixiong, male, born in 1952, is a PhD supervisor. He graduated from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, SJTU. He was in Hanover University, Germany, for further education from 1981 to 1983, and in Munich University from 1985 to 1986. Mr Wu acted as a visiting scholar in George Washington University of the US, in Hannover University and in Aachen University of Germany, respectively in 1986, 1990 and 1995. He won the honor National Expert with Outstanding Contribution in 1998, Advanced Individual in Shanghai Municipal Education Commission System in 2001, Shanghai Model Worker in 2004, and National Model Worker in 2005. Professor Wu is mainly engaged in the research on modern welding technology and equipment. In recent years, he undertaken and completed a number of major projects, such as China’s first hydraulic torque converter welding production line used for cars, hydraulic torque converter flexibility production line used for engineering machine and research on related technology, MOST international cooperation projects “Laser Technology in the Shipbuilding Industry”, etc. Professor Wu published over 150 papers, and received National Scientific and Technological Progress 2nd Prize once, Shanghai Scientific and Technological Progress 1st Prize once, provincial-level Scientific and Technological Progress 3rd Progress 3 times, and National Auto Industry Scientific and Technological Progress 2nd Prize once. At present, Professor Wu Yixiong serves as dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, SJTU, director of the Shanghai Manufacturing and Materials Modification Key Lab, head of the Welding Engineering Institute, SJTU, vice chairman of China Welding Institute, president of Shanghai Welding Institute, chairman of the Asian Welding Federation and member of the IIW Technological Committee.


Current research fields, tutors of post-doctor station of Materials Science & Engineering


Subject and Research

Phone Number


Pan Jiansheng(Academician)

computer simulation of heat treatment, computer-aided design of heat treatment equipment



Ruan Xueyu(Academician)

material processing engineering, digital manufacturing technology


Xu Zuyao(Academician)

phase change in materials, advanced high strength structural steel



Xu Binshi(Academician, part-time)

green surface engineering and re-manufacturing engineering theory and technology, non-destructive testing and life assessment of materials


Zhou Xiaohe(Academician)

amorphous alloy, solidification theory and technology


Chen Shanben

intelligent robotic welding, intelligent materials processing


Shan Aidang

high-temperature materials and high temperature deformation,structural and functional properties of micro and nano materials


Ding Dongyan

microelectronic materials and technology, heat transfer materials


Ding Wenjiang

design of high performance light alloy, light alloy precision molding technology


Fan Tongxiang

biomimetic materials, metal matrix composites of special structure


Feng Chuanliang

polymer materials, nano-bio materials


Gao Lian

nano-energy materials, nano environmental materials

Gu Jianfeng

 computer numerical simulation of the thermal processing, multi-scale simulation of the material microstructure and properties


Han Xiujun

lithium-ion batteries ion transport, metal toughening


He Guo

surface modification, welding materials


Hu Wenbin

surface modification, new materials of hydrometallurgy


Jiang Chuanhai

films and optical materials, surface strengthening and structure


Jin Zhaohui

cross-scale materials simulation and calculation, crystal-amorphous composite interface


Jin Xuejun

Solid phase transition and tissue control, shape memory materials, metals and materials electrochemistry


Kong Lingti

computational materials science, non-equilibrium alloys


Kong Xiangyang

nano-ion science, new energy materials


Li Geyang

thin film technology, metal matrix composites


Li Jianguo

solidification technology, metal functional materials


Li Jinfu

solidification theory and technology, new metal materials


Li Ming

microelectronic materials and technology, micro-nano interconnect materials and the reliability


Li Zhuguo

control of laser cladding, laser welding of lightweight structures


Liu Hezhou

functional polymer film, aerospace materials


Lu Hao

numerical simulation of welding process, the reliability of microelectronics interconnects


Lv Weijie

metal matrix composites of integration of structure and function, metals (titanium)


Ma Naiheng

metal matrix composites


Mao Dali(part-time)

microelectronic materials and technology, energy materials

Ouyang Qiubao

metal matrix composites


Sun Baode

Melt structure and its machining principle, precision molding of large castings


Sun Jian

advanced titanium alloys, advanced structural materials of nuclear


Sun Kang

biological materials, composite materials


Tang Xinhua

welding control of major component materials, welding, advanced welding methods and control


Wang Haowei

metal matrix composites, materials engineering


Wang Jiannong(part-time)

carbon and other nano-materials, high temperature materials light alloy

Wang Jun

melt processing and high-performance materials, high temperature alloy precision molding


Wang Min

simulation and quality control of welding process, pressure welding technology


Wang Qudong

magnesium alloy and forming technology, materials preparation and processing


Wu Guohua

development of high performance light alloy materials, precision molding of liquid


Wu Yixiong

laser manufacturing and process control, digital welding power and welding process quality assessment


Xiao Ping(part-time)

advanced ceramic materials, inorganic coating materials

Xie Chaoying

metallic functional materials


Xu Zhou

tissue control and toughening in metal treatment


Yuan Guangyin

control and toughening of the new light metal materials tissue, biodegradable medical metal materials and surface modification


Zeng Xiaoqin

energy materials design, preparation and characterization, advanced design and molding of magnesium alloys


Zhang Deliang

advanced structural and functional materials



Zhang Fan

metal matrix composites


Zhang Hanqian

nuclear island vessel development and engineering application of steel, pressure vessel steel and its use of technology

Zhang Lanting

high temperature and energy conversion materials, magnetic materials


Zhang Shuguang

aorphous alloy, solidification technology


Zhang Weimin

metal heat treatment technology and equipment, computer simulation and application of heat treatment


Zhang Di

metal matrix composites science, basis and application of ethernet materials


Zou Jianxin

magnesium-based energy material design, preparation and characterization


Cao Jian

mechanics of materials processing, metal and composite study of the structure, materials processing and process design and simulation


Chen Jun

new materials, precision stamping and forming, numerical simulation, intelligent design and design optimization


Cui Zhenshan

mechanics of materials processing and numerical simulation, microstructure evolution of hot deformation and its prediction


Dong Xianghuai

material forming simulation, optimization of forming process and die design


Peng Xiongqi

constitutive materials, materials forming process simulation, composite materials, bio-mechanics


Xie Le

digital design and manufacturing (virtual prototyping, virtual reality, digital medicine), materials processing CAD / CAM


Zhao Zhen

precision plastic molding technology, plastic forming process and die design and optimization of smart


Zhou Xionghui

digital manufacturing technology, modern mold design and manufacturing theory and technology


For more information, please contact:

Corresponding person: Zou rong
Tel/Fax: 021-34203098(0)



iliated departments

 Micro/Nano Science and Technology

Current research fields, tutors of post-doctor station of Micro/Nano Science and Technology:


The title

The Main Research Direction


Daxiang Cui


Nano diagnostic and treatment technology, Nano drug delivery systems; The biological effects of nanometer materials and security.


Shouwu Guo


Nano material and device; Scanning probe microscopic analysis technology.


Yafei Zhang


Nano MaterialNano Electronic Device


Guifu Ding


Electronic thin films and device, Micro-sensors and micro-actuators.


Jie Feng


Electronic Thin Film Materials Semiconductor films, Integrated circuit film electrodeHigh k medium filmMagnetic metaland device


For more information, please contact:

Corresponding person: Gao Feng

Tel/Fax: 021-34206908