Control Science and Engineering
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Brief Introduction:

         “Post-Doctoral Research Center of Control Science and Engineering” (PDRC) is established on the basis of the State- 1st -level discipline Control Science and Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. PDRC also boasts The Key Laboratory of System Control and Information Processing initialized by Ministry of Education.

         PDRC, in accordance with national long-and medium-term development plans, takes the prediction of complex systems, control and optimization technology, autonomous systems and network engineering, health and safety-oriented image processing as its current major research directions by focusing on numerous key technologies in system control and information processing greatly needed for economic and social development. Based on three directions, researches are undertaken mainly in the following topics: behavior analysis and control of complex nonlinear systems, advanced control theory and design methods of complex industrial processes, industrial process optimization for energy- saving and cost-reducing, real-time supervision and optimization of large scale complex systems , design and crol of autonomous system, the key technologies of wireless sensor     network and applications, remote sensing technology and spatial three-dimensional network, image based medical diagnosis and surgical navigation, recognition and tracking of complex objects, and computational modelling in complicated life system.

        PDRC currently boasts 71 full-time research members, of whom 57 are professors or associate professors, 55 holds doctoral degrees. It’s worth-noting that 24 outstanding young academic leaders have been enlisted in various national and Shanghai’s talent programs, including 2 introduced by 1000-elite Program, 2 national talents of New Century Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Talent Project, 4 Cheung Kong Scholars, and 4 winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and 9 supported by Program for trans-century or New Century Excellent Talents of Ministry of Education. Many of them are members of management institutions, consulting offices, and technical committees of relevant associations. Some also serve as editors at various academic journals nationwide, and 19 experts are editors of over 35 international academic journals.

        In adherence to the guide of scientific frontiers and key national needs, the fundamental of discipline construction and talents nurture and the way of internationalization, PDRC is dedicated to making it a birthplace of innovative ideas, a gathering place of talents and a supporting base for high-tech development. Thus, it can provide platform for discipline development, nurture talents for our country and supply technological support for the economic development of society and the construction of key projects.


Director: Professor Xi Yugeng           Contact:Wu Yijun

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Current research fields, tutors of post-doctor station of discipline of Control Science and Engineering


Research Field



Prof. Weidong Chen

Intelligent Robot, Collective Robotics, Advanced Mechatronics


Prof. Tao Fang

Intelligent Processing for High Resolution Remotely Sensed Images


Prof. Li-Sheng Hu


Performance assessment and monitoring for industrial process control, predictive control, digital instrumentation & control for nuclear power plants its verification and validation


Prof. Xinping Guan

Wireless Networks and its Applications

Multi-agent System


Prof. Shaoyuan Li

Plant-wide Distributed Predictive Control ; 

Dynamical System Optimal Control;

Data-driven Control System Design ; 


Prof. Jianxun Li

Information fusion and command control, infrared image processing and guidance, localization and tracking in WSN


Porf. Yuncai Liu

1) Computer vision

2) Intelligent Transportation Systems


Prof. Jianbo Su

Intelligent Robots, Multi-robot Coordination, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition


Prof. Xiaofan Wang

Analysis and Control of Complex Dynamical Networks


Prof. Yugeng Xi

Predictive control and rolling horizon optimization, Large scale system control and optimization


Prof. Dr. Jingqi Yuan

Chemical and biochemical process modeling and control; Simulation of utility boiler and flue gas denitrification


Prof. Genke Yang

Manufacturing System scheduling and supply chain management system


Prof. Jie Yang

Video analysis and understanding, medical image processing, machine learning and pattern recognition


Prof. Yupu Yang

Neural Network; Intelligent Control


Prof. Xin Yang

medical image process; 3-D object visualization


Prof. Weidong Zhang

Modeling and control, Guidance and Control, WSN


Prof. Jingcheng Wang

Process control and optimization, control and simulation of real-time system


Prof. Huilin Xiong

Kernel-based nonlinear pattern recognition, Visual pattern analysis and recognition, Bioinformatics


Prof. Xiren Cao

 (1)Learning and optimization theory, stochastic approximation

(2)Discrete event dynamic systems, perturbation analysis

(3)Data and tele-communications, optical and wireless communication

(4)Financial engineering



Prof. Zongli Lin

Nonlinear Control, Constrained Control Systems, Multi-agent systems, Systems Biomedicine


Prof. Zhengzhi Han

Stabilization and observation of nonlinear control systems, systems described by the differential inclusion


Prof. Hongbin Shen

Bioinformatics; Data mining; Pattern recognition



Prof. Qingfei Zhao

Machine Vision and Image Metrology, Robot and Complex Mechatronic Intelligent Control Systems.


Prof. Lisheng Wang

Analysis and visualization of 3D biomedical images,

Computer-aided diagnosis and surgery planning 


Anders Lindquist

Prof. Anders Lindquis

Research Areas, Signals, Systems and Control