SJTU Granted Approval to Establish State Key Laboratories

2023/3/27 10:02:25

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) has received approval from the Ministry of Education to establish two state key laboratories during the 14th Five-Year Plan, namely the “Key Laboratory of Polar Ecology and Climate Change” and the “Key Laboratory of Anesthesiology”.

The Key Laboratory of Polar Ecology and Climate Change is a joint initiative of the SJTU School of Oceanography, the Polar Research Institute of China, and the Second Institute of Oceanography under the Ministry of Natural Resources. The laboratory’s primary focus is on safeguarding and managing polar ecology by conducting fundamental and practical research in the areas of polar ecosystems, biotic populations, resource applications, and climate change. The laboratory is committed to enhancing the comprehensive understanding of polar ecological environments, scientifically assessing the protection and sustainable utilization of polar biological resources, and researching the carbon sink process and its alterations. It also aims to provide scientific assistance for China’s response to climate change, participation in polar ecological environment protection, and international governance.

The Key Laboratory of Anesthesiology is led by the Renji Hospital of SJTU School of Medicine and integrates the research strengths of the School of Medicine and the School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering. The laboratory focuses on reducing post-operative near and long-term complications and mortality in the field of anesthesia medicine by conducting interdisciplinary research in medicine and engineering.

The laboratory has concluded a bottleneck scientific problem related to the interaction mechanisms among different organs and systems during the perioperative period. It focuses on the interaction between the nervous system and important peripheral organs such as the liver, and it conducts interdisciplinary research in medicine and engineering to address the challenges faced during the perioperative period. In the future, the laboratory will combine basic, applied basic and clinical research to promote the solution of problems in anesthesia medicine. It aims to establish a major research site and public platform for studying the multi-organ, multi-time period, and multi-field interactions during the perioperative period to improve the quality of perioperative treatment in China and reduce post-operative long-term mortality and complications for patients. In conclusion, it aims to contribute to realizing the Healthy China Initiative.

The establishment of these two state-key laboratories at SJTU will contribute to China’s strategic scientific and technological strength, and promote academic cooperation and exchanges in higher education institutions. State key laboratories of the Ministry of Education are essential bases for organizing high-level scientific research and cultivating and gathering innovative talents.

Source: Office of Research Management
Author: Min Zhou
Translated by Chen Chen
Proofread by Xiaojing Zhao
Editor on Duty: Cheng Yan
Responsible Editor: Qianqian Jiang, Yuhe Fu

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