Recruitment,School of Physics and Astronomy Invites Global Talents

2021/3/4 12:07:28

      Established in 1896 and located in Shanghai –Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China. With a shining history of more than 125 years, SJTU is implementing a grand blueprint for future development and making continued efforts to build a top university in the world.

      The Department of Physics, SJTU was established in 1928. It was one of the earliest physics departments in China. In 2015, the Department established a strong program of Astronomy and Astrophysics, and was renamed as the School of Physics and Astronomy (SPA).

      After a decade of rapid growth, SPA becomes one of the most vigorous and comprehensive physics departments nationwide. In the 2016 the Ministry of Education (MOE) discipline evaluation, SJTU physics ranked “A”. In 2020, it was ranked 45th worldwide (4th in China) by US News and 48th worldwide (3rd in China) by QS World University Rankings, respectively.

      SPA presently has 162 faculty members in total. In the past five years, we published more than 2,300 peer-reviewed papers, with 350+ papers are published in top journals such as Science (series), Nature (series), and PRL/PRX. We secured 264 research grants from central government agencies, with a total budget of more than RMB 600 million.

      SPA seeks highly qualified candidates with physics and/or astronomy backgrounds, including the research areas: theoretical physics, particle and nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, optics, atomic and molecular physics, plasma physics, astronomy and astrophysics, computational physics, and interdisciplinary physics.
About NSFC Excellent Young Scholars Fund (Overseas)

      National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) launched the NSFC Excellent Young Scholars Fund (Overseas) in 2021, in order to encourage overseas outstanding young scholars (including non-Chinese foreigners) to work in China.
Application Requirements

      (1) Born after September 1, 1980.

      (2) Have a doctorate degree.

      (3) In principle, applicants shall have formal teaching or research position in an overseas university, college or scientific research institution and shall have such overseas work experience for more than consecutive 36 months before April 30, 2021 (for those applicants, who obtained doctorate degree overseas and with outstanding achievements, the required years of working may be reduced).

      (4) Applicants conduct relevant research in physics and/or astronomy and have made influential contributions and research achievements, and with the potential to become leading scientists or outstanding talents in the fields.

      (5) Applicants have not worked full time in China, or have returned (or come) to work in China after September 1, 2019.

      1. Amount: RMB 1-3 million

      2. Period: 3 years.

 Application Instructions

      Any eligible applicant can sign a labor contract or an intention agreement with his/her supporting institution in accordance with requirements of relevant guide, and log into the information system ( after March 22, 2021 to complete the Application for NSFC National Natural Scientists Fund (Overseas) online. Applicants shall be responsible for the authenticity of application materials.

 Contact Information

       Interested applicants are encouraged to send your CV to either of the following persons by March 10, 2021:



      According to relevant policies of Shanghai authority and SJTU, we will provide attractive remuneration package, research start-up funds, the well-decorated transitional talent apartments and relevant housing subsidies, high-quality medical services, as well as preferential admission policies and conditions for applicants' children.

      We welcome you to join 

      School of Physics and Astronomy, SJTU!

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