Tsung-Dao Lee Institute Members Train for Upcoming Dragon Boat Race for the First Time

2023/4/26 10:34:09

Tsung-Dao Lee Institute (TDLI) is gearing up for the upcoming 17th Zhangjiang Cup Dragon Boat Race. To prepare for the race, the Institute joined forces with Shanghai Jiao Tong University Faculty Aquatic Sports Association to hold its first training session on April 19th at SJTU’s Minhang campus.

Director Zhang surprisingly showed up to cheer the team

The Zhangjiang Cup Dragon Boat Race is one of the most popular sporting events in Zhangjiang, with nearly 30 teams expected to compete in this year's race in June. TDLI, as a representative of Zhangjiang’s fundamental science research, has received strong support from the Zhangjiang International Talent Harbor to participate in the competition.
Lined up for the training

During the training session, TDLI’s team, consisting of both Chinese and international faculty, learned basic rowing skills and the importance of teamwork and coordination through onshore exercises and on-boat drills led by three coaches (Xiaojuan Yu, Yahua Wang and Aiming Xia) from different SJTU schools/colleges. They also observed and learned from the demonstrations of SJTU’s professional dragon boat training team. Through repeated practice, the team has strengthened their sense of teamwork and improved their ability to work together, laying the foundation for their participation in the upcoming Zhangjiang Cup Dragon Boat Race.

Content by Yu Zhao
Image by Jian Lin, Xiaojuan Yu
Editor on Duty: Cheng Yan
Responsible Editor: Qianqian Jiang, Yuhe Fu

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